In late 2019 a team of aluminum boat specialists did a deep research of how the market develops and what the customers demand.

They found, that even though, the demand for aluminum boats in Europe increases rapidly, the manufacturers are still more focused on the origin market Scandinavia, than the rest of Europe.

Based on the experience of hundreds of sales conversations, it turned out, that a lot of customers finally refused to buy an aluminum boat for several obvious reasons.

  • Most aluminum boats look like workboats

  • The finishing does not hold up to the expectations

  • The boats are missing the comfort, customers expect to have

It took a year of extensive brain storming’s, discussions, researches and designs, to come up with a strategy that finally leads to the founding of the SEAMACHINE GmbH in January 2021.

The basic principle of the company is to achieve paradigm shift in the aluminum boat market, by redesigning the boats, questioning the old and bringing the overall appear- ance to a whole new level.

The SEAMACHINE approach is to develop boats that have the features of classic aluminum boats, such as sustainability, durability and reliability, but with an overall look that does not fall behind classic fiberglass boats and yachts.

The spirit of modern design language helps us a lot to create our vision of modern aluminum boats.

Edgy forms are state of the art and our designers work hard to bring products to life that meet modern design language.

Beside the modern appearance, there is much more that differs a SEAMACHINE from any other boat on the market.

It’s the uncompromising commitment to functionality that manifests into little details and “out of the box” solutions, making a SEAMACHINE so special.

Furthermore, the SEA- MACHINE maxim is 100+20, meaning that every boat that is developed by

SEAMACHINE meets the customers criteria to 100% but brings another 20% benefit.

From recreational/ family boats to the fishing boat line, every single boat will be 100% suitable for the market.

Since nearly all aluminium boats do look the same, the SEAMACHINE approach for the range is to bring the optics to a new level. Based on the design of famous American muscle cars from the 60th and 70th, the SEAMACHINE fleet will bring a new look to the industry.

Despite the fact that the inspiration for the design dates back to the 60th and 70th, it‘s not about copying a look, but to transfer the general idea of a design to the next level.

Even if the design is the central objective, functionality is still the priority of this concept.

The market for aluminum boats developed a lot over the last ten years, but still, the design of an aluminum boat follows a more or less workboat appearance. It’s on us to bring a new style to life. SEAMACHINE wants to show the world that great looks and aluminum are possible to combine. The idea set a new benchmark for aluminum boat building.