Following the analysis of the market, SEAMACHINE broke the portfolio down to the three basic segments recreational boats, fishing boats and professional boats.

Since the European market for fishing boats skyrocketed in last five years, we decided to enter the market with two different lines of fishing boats.

The SEAMACHINE Challenger series will be produced in three different sizes (5.00 m, 5.60 m, 6.30 m) and is a boat for the demanding, high ambitious angler.

The SEAMACHINE Stealth series is an electrified fishing boat, that suits the needs of these who are limited in their choice of engines and are looking for an easy to handle boat that brings their hobby to the next level.

Additional to these two lines, SEAMACHINE has developed the Tarpon, a 9.60 m cabin boat for families and recreational purposes. This boat brings together all ideas and improvements that the team has come up with over the past years.

A lot of experience went into the development of this exceptional boat. Fully packed with innovations and an overall look that is new to the world of aluminum boats.