A lesson to learn from the car industry is being prepared for the future and listen closely to what customers and the Zeitgeist demands. As electrified cars are going through the roof these days, the need for electrifiable boats for smaller inland waters is definitely there.
The SEAMACHINE STEALTH is designed to be the answer on this demand, bringing a boat to life, that has almost no limitations for the passionate angler. Offering a lightweight boat with a high versatility will give the owner the opportunity to fish small streams and lakes as well as bigger inland waters.
In cooperation with our partner ePROPULSION, the boat will be offered as a package with either a NAVY 3.0, 3 kW or a NAVY 6.0, 6 kW electric outboard and a maximum battery capacity of 175 ampere hours at 48 volts.
Combining this battery with dedicated electronics and converters, the STEALTH will not only provide power for the main engine, but also for the general electronics (e.g. navigation lights, bilge pump etc.) and a 12 – 24 volts trolling motors. Preinstalled electric tubes will make life easy during the rigging process and the special rod holder design will keep the fishing gear save at place. Although the boat is designed for electric propulsion, it will also run with a classic combustion engine. Combine it with up to 60 HP outboards, the SEAMACHINE STEALTH will fly over the water, like a breeze.

Available now Price from: 14.990.-*/**

*including 19% VAT

**+ Transport cost


    Lenght: 5 Meter
    Width: 2 Meter
    Draft: 0.30
    Weight: 500 Kg
    Material:Marine Grade Aluminium 5083
    Thickness: Bottom 4 mm / Sides 4 mm
    CE Kategorie D
    Max 4 Person
  • Engine

    Single Engine Installation
    Designed for both Engine Types (Electro / Combustible)
    Recommended Engine Power: 10-60 hp
    Max Engine Power:  80 hp

    • Fully welded aluminium body and superstructure
    • Bottom 4 mm aluminium / sides 4 mm alumium
    • Double Wall Design
    • Marine grade aluminium 5083 / ALMG 4.5
    • Suitable for single engine installation (Electro / Combustible
    • 4 x Foldable Cleats
    • Electric / Automatic Bilgepump
    • Foamed body unsinkable

    • Electric system with switchboard and terminal fuse blocks
    • Deck Floor and Casting Decks covered with EVA Deck
    •  Stowage Boxes AFT +  Stowage Boxes Bow
    • Battery and electronics compartement AFT
    • Certified navigation lights
    • Fire extinguisher (Cockpit)
    • Swim Ladder AFT